Effective Stone Cleaning Solution In Melbourne

Proactive marble floor cleaning in Melbourne

Maintaining the lustre and smoothness of your home kitchen countertop, made of natural stone, is surely a hard task. Also the maintenance of the floor in your house, which is made up of natural stone, is also a hard task. Being absorbent in nature, natural stone kitchen countertops get damaged with the use of chemicals. You cannot use any ingredient, such as vinegar, baking soda pH solutions, detergents, etc., on your natural stone-made countertop. Hence to keep your home kitchen countertops cleaned, the only choice left with you is to use natural stone-friendly liquid.

The countertop is the most used portion of every kitchen that catches food spills and remains busy almost all the time. Holding multiple kitchen accessories and all the mess you create while working in the kitchen, countertops get grim and stained at a rapid pace. The lustre of the countertop may be decreased because of these stains.

Like the kitchen countertop, the floor made of stones like marble is also very delicate and should be maintained very carefully. Sometimes some food items that are made up of vinegar or baking soda, wine etc., can fall on the floor, and it could damage your floor permanently. If cleaning agents used for floor cleaning contain chemicals, then it is a very harmful thing for floors.

If you want to clean marble in your home you can take a bowl of mild warm water and add two pinches of salt to it. Mix 2 tablespoons of dishwasher and stir. With the help of a double-sided sponge, apply this mixture to the surface of the stone. Scrub smoothly using the fibre side of the sponge. If you don’t have enough time for cleaning then you can hire stone cleaning services in Melbourne. The cleaning service uses Eco-friendly cleaning agents so that it will be totally safe for stone.

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